Academic Performance Requirements

To remain in the program, STEM Scholars must be continuously enrolled as a full-time STEM student, receive a grade of C or better in all courses, and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

Program Requirements

STEM Scholars are required to participate in a comprehensive program that promotes academic success and builds preparedness for professional careers and/or graduate studies. The program consists of both mandatory and optional elements, as described below.

Note: STEM Scholars who are members of the Honors College will automatically receive credit for one Honors Experience Project, as long as they successfully remain in the STEM Scholars Program during their tenure as Honors College students.

  • Program Orientation and Special Events. (mandatory) STEM Scholars attend a program orientation in early September of each academic year they are in the program. At that time, the students are informed about program requirements and given a timetable of activities for the academic year. Mandatory participation in other special events throughout the academic year may also required by the STEM Scholars Program Director.
  • Academic and Professional Development Workshops. (mandatory) Developed in coordination with the Learning Center and the Career Center, these workshops are intended to teach students useful strategies and skills to succeed academically at Rutgers and to prepare them adequately for professional careers and/or graduate school.
  • STEM Colloquia Series. (mandatory) This consists of a series of research seminars given by faculty and students engaged in STEM research projects. It also features invited talks from distinguished researchers, experts and leaders inacademia, industry, and government that address important educational, R&D, and policy issues affecting the STEM fields. The colloquia series serves to broaden the students’ perspective of STEM beyond what they learn in a classroom or lab setting and to foster their growth as a STEM professional.
  • STEM Research Experience. (optional) STEM scholars are encouraged to participate various research projects offered by the STEM departments and centers. Students who successfully complete a research project are invited to present their research findings in the STEM Colloquia Series and in the annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (CURCA) sponsored by the FAS Dean’s Office every spring semester. For STEM Scholars who are members of the Honors College, the STEM Research Experience counts as one Honors Experience Project.
  • STEM Internship Program. (optional) The STEM Internship Program is aimed at providing students with professional experience while still in school through an approved internship with a sponsoring organization. Companies and organizations consider internships as an important recruiting tool because they give them the opportunity to identify students who potentially are a good fit with their organization and to consider them for regular employment after graduation. Students who obtain internships may enroll in the internship course, 50:090:399 Arts and Sciences Internship, and may earn between 1 to 3 credits of internship, depending on the duration and number of work hours per week. These credits count towards their degree requirements. For STEM Scholars who are members of the Honors College, the STEM Internship Program counts as one Honors Experience Project.
  • Q-STEP Program Participation. (optional) STEM Scholars are encouraged to apply to the Q-STEP Program either as Q-STEP Scholars or Q-STEP Mentors. Q-STEP Scholars participate in a special program that includes extra social support, group study and problem solving sessions, peer tutoring, and opportunities for early and consistent involvement in research. Q-STEP Mentors are upper-level STEM majors that serve as mentors/tutors for Q-STEP Scholars. For further information, please see the Q-STEP Program website. For STEM Scholars who are members of the Honors College, Q-STEP Program participation counts as one Honors Experience Project.
  • Progress Meetings. (mandatory) Held once each semester, the progress meeting is a one-on-one or group meeting with the STEM Scholars Program Director to discuss the STEM Scholars’ progress towards completion of the program requirements, as well as to address issues and problems that the students are confronting during the semester. Appropriate advice, support, and intervention will be provided to ensure the students’ success in continuing in the program.
  • Exit Interview. (mandatory) Upon completion of the program, STEM Scholars meet individually with the STEM Scholars Program Director in an informal setting to discuss their assessment of the entire scholarship experience, how it has helped them, and how it could be improved. This interview is invaluable in evaluating program outcomes and in redesigning the program if necessary, for the benefit of the subsequent groups of scholars.